Energy-efficient technical cooling systems
Of the total amount of energy consumed by data centers, an average of 45% of electricity is used on technical cooling systems. Hence the greatest savings can be achieved in this area.
System cabins for the passage of one person
In technologically and security complex structures, such as banks, post offices, facilities for defense, different system areas, cash safes, etc. we are faced with the requirement to limit access to only authorized personnel.
Cold Aisle Containment system
The cold aisle containment system is carried out independently with the appropriate ceiling elements, sliding doors and components to rise above the system and telecommunication closets.
Highly available systems of power supply
A reliable supply of electricity without interruption longer than 20 ms, has become necessary for the functioning of all these different devices of ICT technology.
Supervising and managing the infrastructure
At NTR we have developed a solution for the most demanding users and systems, called Data Center Infrastructure Management Software NTR ™ DCIM, which fully covers the control of the entire infrastructure in complex data centers.